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Kayaking is an exciting and fast-growing sport and activity in Australia. With most water sports fans, kayaking stands out as the most popular. If you have knowledge of the sport and would like to share your thoughts and insights with fans in Australia, read this information on how to become a writer for the Epic Kayaks Team.

You will be writing on various topics in kayaking, including brands, competitions, championships, and other events. With many of our readers being amateurs, you will need to write informative articles on the most affordable brands and advice on how to get started with kayaking either as a sport or a fun activity.

Brands and Advice

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Brands stand as an essential factor in deciding how a person will be getting into kayaking. Many of our writers are seen as beginners and amateurs. You will need to be able to inform amateurs and beginners on which brands will likely be their best options due to kayaking being an extreme sport, its vital to go for reliable brands. You, the writer, will need to guide them with articles.

With Australia having many brands that build kayaks and canoes, you will need to have extensive knwol3dge of Australian brands and how they are doing in the market.

In Australia

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It’s no secret that Australia loves kayaking; with so many events, competitions and even home brands of kayaking gear, it’s clear how important the sport is to the national community.

As a writer, you will need to provide the Australian community with up-to-date insights on where the perfect kayaking sports are and the popularity of the sport in the country.

For you to be considered by us as a potential writer for this magazine, you will need to provide evidence of extensive knowledge in the English language. Contact us to find out more about how you can submit examples and proof of experience.

You will need knowledge on kayaking as a sport, its teams, its presence in Australia and the brands that represent the sport in Australia.