Kayaking in Australia

Water Sports and Betting

Kayaking and other water sports such as diving, surfing, and canoeing are water sports that are not regularly seen with sports betting. Although it is not popular among most bettors, sports fans are eager to bet on their favourite water sports.

With Kayaking and canoeing being included in the Olympic Summer Sports games, it has succeeded in working itself into online sports betting.

Sports betting on offshore online casinos have become a popular activity in Australia. With PlayAmo accepting Bitcoin as a gambling currency, bets can be placed on various sports using either cryptocurrency or real money. Bet on your favourite water sports from the comfort of your home.

Here we look at various forms of water sport and their role in sports betting.


Rowing, also seen as canoeing, is one of the oldest teams competing against each other. With rowing, you will need to place bets on teams taking part in the championships usually held with the Summer Olympics.

Water Polo

Water Polo is not the easiest sport to play and not the easiest sport to bet on. To find betting options on water polo, you will need to do extensive research, and it won’t be easy. Constantly keeping an eye out on online casinos such as PlayAmo is a great place to start.


Although used as a recreational activity, Kayaking has also0 been used as a competitive sport for many years in various countries. The sports are seen as races taking place with single kayakers’ competing against each other to get from point A to B in rough waters.

Betting on kayaking is slowly picking up pace in popularity growth, especially in Asian Countries where kayaking is part of the summer Olympic sports.