Kayaking in Australia

Top Australian Kayaking Brands

There are many national brands of kayaking gear in Australia. This article will detail the most popular locally made brands of kayaking gear, what they’re all about, and where to buy them.

Besides buying local being a great way to support the economy and the businesses that are in your own country, buying Australian made kayaks and gear provides you with great quality that will last.

These are some of the most popular brands that are proudly crafted in Australia.


Aquayak is one of the first brands of kayak gear in Australia. Not only do they provide gear for kayaking but also for all other waters sports, including diving and even fishing. Being based in Australia, it provides consumers with an easy way of finding the perfect product from online and physical stores while also benefiting from better customer service and assistance.

Here you can buy from their online store or find their products through retail stores. They sell all essential gear as well as luxury items to make the experience of kayaking just that much more exciting.


Mabey is not the first brand of kayaks made in Australia, but Australis is known as the largest builder of kayaks that is 100% All Aussie. They manufacture and design plastic canoes, kayaks, and sea kayaks.

The company started out with fibreglass canoes and kayaks in the mid-60s and continued with the same methods until the 80s. In 1987 the demand for quality made kayaks become a major important factor for the industry. The company moved their manufacturing processes in a faster and more reliable way to be able and stay on top of the demand for their products.

Camero Kayaks

Camero kayaks is a family run business with more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing kayaks. The company is based in South Australia and takes pride in managing its full supply chain, including design, manufacturing, sales, and distribution.

They provide a variety of kayaks, canoes, and SUP’s in their expansive showroom.

These brands are proudly made in Australia with a dedication to quality craftsmanship.