Kayaking in Australia

Essential Kayaking Gear

Going kayaking is a fun activity that can also compete in sports. Like other sports, certain gear will be needed to ensure a positive and productive experience.

The items on this list are all the essential items needed to protect your belongings and yourself while also making things just a bit easier.

Waterproof Casings

Going kayaking for the first time, you may not be thinking about the amount of time you will be spending in the water and that you should be protecting your phone, keys, money, and other belongings that can be damaged by water.

Straps and Tie-Downs

You will need a variety of straps and tie-downs for transportation of the kayak. Firstly, kayaks are large in size, and you will need to tie them down to the roof of a car or pickup to get it to the starting point. Secondly, you will see a shoulder strap transporting it from the car to the water.

Sun Protection

When taking part in a sport or activity in the sun, it’s necessary to protect yourself against it. Sunscreen will protect you from the most extreme heat and help you not get burned. Sunglasses are also needed as the sun reflecting on the water can become quite daunting in some places. With the beautiful kayaking destinations Australia has to offer, sun protection is essential.

Clothing Accessories

Certain clothing accessories are needed. Firstly gloves, gloves are needed just as with cycling and other sports where the hands are used constantly. With kayaking, paddling can give your hands quite a workout. Protect your hands with gloves. Sandel’s or water shoes will also be necessary as some landing spots may have old fishing hooks or other sharp materials in the water.

Make sure you have all these essential items with your first kayaking experience.