Kayak Blogs

Kayaking is gaining more popularity each year, especially in Australia and warmer countries. These blogs can keep you up to date on all the latest information regarding gear, events, and more.

With water sports such as kayaking and canoeing, it is not easy to find all the information needed to stay up to date on the industry, its products, and most of all, its destination. One of the main purposes of these blogs is to provide advice and guidelines into where you can find the most thrilling kayaking destination in Australia and around the world.

Inflatable Kayaks NZ – inflatable kayaks.co.nz

Inflatable Kayaks NZ is based in New Zealand and offers vital information on blog posts about kayaking. The blogger’s name is Nick, and he is the owner of an inflatable kayak. He writes about his experience with using his inflatable kayak and where the most thrilling destinations are worldwide for kayaking activities.

Bay Sports / Kayaking – baysprots.com.au

Bay Sports is one of the most reliable blogs in Australia for staying up to date on kayaking. You can read all about Bay Sport’s activities of where to kayak, water safety, kayak fishing, inflatable stand up paddleboards, how to choose the perfect gear, and new product reviews.

This blog can get you highly motivated if you want to get reinspired with your kayaking activities.

Expedition Kayaks – expeditionkayaks.blogspot.com

Expedition Kayaks is based in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The blog follows a couple of paddlers and coaches known as Rob Mercer and Mark Sundin. The posts cover their paddling and kayaking adventures throughout Australia Sydney. They also provide product and gear reviews and advice for Kayaking newcomers.

The blog posts frequent updates and have over 3000 fans on social media channels.

Paddle and Pedal – paddle and pedal.ie

Paddle and Pedal are based in Ballina, New South Wales, Australia. The blog posts frequent updates on kayaking and canoeing in the country. The blogger ‘David’ is passionate about advising people on how to get started with kayaking and teaches kayaking in Ballina.

On this blog, he shares his knowledge and experience about kayaking with a modern teaching style and shares effective paddling techniques with his readers. He believes in continuously developing skills in the sport, whether you are serious about it or doing it for fun.