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Upcoming Kayaking Events

The events on this list provide great opportunities for both amateurs and more experienced paddlers to enjoy a day out in the sun and water to participate in exciting races.

City Lights – Riverton Bridge, Western Australia – 6 March

Featured image Upcoming Kayaking Events City Lights – Riverton Bridge Western Australia 6 March - Upcoming Kayaking Events

Bright Lights, big city, open waters. This event is held each long weekend in March on Sunday. The event spans a race of over 30km going through the tranquil isolation of the Canning River to the Perth waters, which can sometimes be quite turbulent.

John Sims Race – Ascot, Western Australia – 1 May

Featured image Upcoming Kayaking Events John Sims Race – Ascot Western Australia 1 May - Upcoming Kayaking Events

The John Sims Race is one of the largest events for Kayaking in Australia in 2022. The event is well attended with a busy atmosphere each year and is one of the most competitive kayaking events in the country. The event will see almost 200 paddlers participating in a race. The race is only 11.5km that start at AKC and stops in Barkers Bridge.

A major positive point in this race is that the paddlers need to return back to the starting point in due time.

Northam to Toodyay – Northam, Western Australia – 10 July

Featured image Upcoming Kayaking Events Northam to Toodyay – Northam Western Australia – 10 July - Upcoming Kayaking Events

This is a 30km length race that starts 500 meters above the Northam Weir. This river is known to have flat water, intermittent pools, and no scrub. One of the well-known points is known as the Glen Avon Rapid, which is a small but tricky rapid to get through.

Further along the journey, there is also a challenging part with many channels that exist even in the low waters. It’s important with this race to have your essential gear at hand.

Fenn West Coast Downwinder – Port Beach – 19 November

Featured image Upcoming Kayaking Events Fenn West Coast Downwinder – Port Beach – 19 November - Upcoming Kayaking Events

Fenn West Coast Downwinder is a 24 km wind-driven padding adventure. It’s the perfect race to take part in as a practice session for the famous ‘The Doctor’ world cup series which takes place the next week.

The adventure will start in Port Beach and lead to Sorrento. The weekend sees two different events, a single only and a double only race. The weekend ends with the Epic Doubles Challenge, which stands as the ‘Big Money’ race.

These races and events in Australia are the perfect chance for amateurs and more experienced competitors to enjoy the sport through some of the most beautifully scenic destinations in the country.