Kayaking in Australia

Kayaking and Canoeing Championships to Bet on

Kayaking and Canoeing championships are enjoyed by many viewers worldwide and provide great entertainment. As a sport, it is exciting and thrilling to watch. Even more exciting and thrilling is betting on the teams and competitors through online gambling platforms. These championships and races are all dedicated to the sports of kayaking and canoeing. Watch […]

Kayaking in Australia

Water Sports and Betting

Kayaking and other water sports such as diving, surfing, and canoeing are water sports that are not regularly seen with sports betting. Although it is not popular among most bettors, sports fans are eager to bet on their favourite water sports. With Kayaking and canoeing being included in the Olympic Summer Sports games, it has […]

Kayaking in Australia

Top Australian Kayaking Brands

There are many national brands of kayaking gear in Australia. This article will detail the most popular locally made brands of kayaking gear, what they’re all about, and where to buy them. Besides buying local being a great way to support the economy and the businesses that are in your own country, buying Australian made […]

Events and Competitions

Upcoming Kayaking Events

The events on this list provide great opportunities for both amateurs and more experienced paddlers to enjoy a day out in the sun and water to participate in exciting races. City Lights – Riverton Bridge, Western Australia – 6 March Bright Lights, big city, open waters. This event is held each long weekend in March […]

Kayaking in Australia

Essential Kayaking Gear

Going kayaking is a fun activity that can also compete in sports. Like other sports, certain gear will be needed to ensure a positive and productive experience. The items on this list are all the essential items needed to protect your belongings and yourself while also making things just a bit easier. Waterproof Casings Going […]