One of the most exciting water sports in Australia, kayaking, was slowly growing with popularity throughout the world and was even included in the 2020 Summer Olympics event.

With the growing popularity of the sport, we provide vital information not only on the upcoming events and competitions but also on how to get into the sport.

When getting into the sport of Kayaking, extensive research will need to be done to understand which products, gear, and brands are the most reliable.

As with other water sports, Kayaking is extremely strenuous on the gear that is used. This begs people to invest in proper equipment which will last through all the strain of the sport.

Brands in Kayaking

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Kayaking brands are not only imported from other countries. In Australia, there are various brands that are built in the country with strong materials and master craftsmanship. We supply information on all the local brands, where to buy them and what sets them apart from other brands.

Kayaking in Australia

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Kayaking is one of the fastest-growing sports in Australia. In 2016 alone, it is said that over 100 000 people took part in kayaking activities. With all this popularity around the water sport, we are dedicated to providing information on the sport’s popularity and presence in Australia.

Competitions and Events

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Competitions and events that include kayaking and canoeing are in abundance throughout Australia. We supply vital and up to date information on all the latest scores, upcoming competitions, and water sports roles in the Summer Olympics Events.

Water Sports

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Within water sports, there are various sports. The most popular categories in water sports are seen as kayaking, and that’s why Epic Kayaking Magazine provides vital information mostly on kayaking.

Visit Epic Kayaks Magazine frequently for vital information on the sport and its presence in Australia and major international championships. We support local brands and local events in our articles and informative posts for experienced and beginner kayakers.